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Music Video DatabaseMusic Video Database
The Clipland Music Video Database is the most comprehensive source for Music Videos on the net! With over 16,000 entries, 2,000 of them with direct streaming-video access, the whole world of music videos is at your fingertips.

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To modify an existing entry search for it and click the modify link on the bottom of the Details page.

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Our Welcome Picks:
The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening
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The Inner Game of Music
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Basic Mixing Techniques
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This Business of Artist Management (Business of Artist Management)
–by Xavier M., Jr. Frascogna, H. Lee Hetherington

Database Guidelines

Database GuidelinesHow to add…
Before you start adding additional data to Clipland be sure to know our guidelines.
This helps us and of course YOU, the users.

It is STRICTLY not allowed to use the pipe symbol (‘l’) in any of the data fields!
Use the search box on the left to make sure that your addition is not already in the database!
When your entry is in the database use the modify function to add additional data.
The database-language is ENGLISH!
Don´t use any quotation marks in data fields! But if you have to use this ‘_’ symbol. Don´t use ‘;’, ‘ ‘ ‘,'[‘, ‘]’,'{‘,’}’.
Don´t press ‘enter’ during the entry into a datafield or your info will be lost.
Things you don´t know just leave blank. But try to fill out as much as possible.
Do not sort names alphabetically. For example write ‘The Who’ and not ‘Who, The’.
When entering more names please divide them by a comma (‘,’) and leave one free space after the comma, like this ‘Spike Jonze, Peter Brown’. Please use the break tag (‘
‘) instead of the comma and without the space after it (e.g. ‘Terry Cole – Trumpet
Cayle Smith – Piano’)when stated in the detailed explanation below

Media Resource
Enter an url like
Artist or Album field:
every new word has to start with a CAPITAL letter!
‘vs.’, ‘feat.’; shorts like ‘`t’ in ‘Don´t’ or simmilar
always write ‘feat.’ instread of ‘featuring’
When you add NOT a clip but a whole VHS/… Video Compilation, then write ‘(Video)’ in the Album field.
When there´s no LP enter ‘(Single)’ in the Album field.
If the song is present on more than one album, enter each of them divided by ‘, ‘.

enter the song´s name here – every new word has to start with a CAPITAL letter!
enter additions like ‘(live)’ or ‘(remix)’ here as well.

This is the field for the video´s! production! year and if – you know it – the exact date
The format is ‘Year-MonthDay’; example: ‘1997-October21’
You may also add the date of the first airing. Do this in brackets after the production date
Then the format is: ‘Year-MonthDay (Year-MonthDay)’; example: ‘1997-October21 (1997-December12)’

Runtimes etc. have to be in format: ‘m:ss’ (m=minutes;s=seconds), for example: 0:08

Don´t write … & … when two directors worked on a video. Write both names delimited by a comma.
Co-Directors go here as well.

Right place when adding a soundtrack song: ‘Excerpts from the _movie_ are shown’ or when there´s something special about the format, like ‘Animated’ or ‘CGI’

Special VideoMix
special video mix means there´s a significant difference between the LP/Single version and the video version; examples are pauses, notable/ significant sounds/background sounds or dialogs. If there´s a Special VideoMix then fill in the author of this mix in the field ‘by’.

If the video is produced by a person, then just write down the name. If a company produced the video then do the same. But when a company produced it and there´s also a dedicated person of this company who produced it then write ‘company (person)’.

Set Location:
add locations in a kind of ‘zoom out’ effect. Example: ‘Sullivan Street 34, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA’. When multiple locations are shown in the video add them one after another and put the ‘
‘ tag between them, DO NOT press enter after them

Add In Format:
Character in video – reallife actor
Its important that you end each Cast entry with ‘
‘ and DO NOT press enter after it.
Please do only add persons who are really in the video, stars or actors that are show in excerpts from a motion-picture (e.g. in soundtrack songs) are NOT really in the video.

Add In Format:
For example: ‘Warner Brothers Records’
If the song is a collaboration of more than one label, enter each of them divided by ‘/ ‘.

Add In Format:
For example: ‘Barclya (FR), Metronome Musik(DE), Hasta Ditribution(US)’. The Country Identifier are the few letters you know from URLs like ‘.de’, ‘.us’,’.uk’ etc.

Add In Format:
Artist – Instrument
Its important that you end each Musician´s entry with ‘
‘ and DO NOT press enter after it

Original Performer:
Add In Format:
OriginalPerformer(only add this if the song-title is different:song-title)
the example is taken from Bellissima´s ‘Return To Paradise’, the cover is named different so add
For examle: Vangelis(Conquest Of Paradise)

Song Awards and Award Nomination
this includes of course the awards for the video (this is a video database, isn´t it)
Add In Format:
Year Award(Category, Category)
Year Award(Category)
For example: ‘1998 MTV Video Music Awards(Best Video from a Film, Best Choreography)
1998 MVPA Awards(Feature Film Video of the Year)’

– While doing selections in those ‘multiple choice’ pull-down fields pressing the first letter of the desired word on your keyboard will keep you from using the mouse.
– When you don´t know how to fill out a certain field open a new browser window and view some other database entries. By doing this you will soon understand the format of this database.

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Navigation Bar

Navigation BarClipland is organized in specific databases (like the music video database) and in general areas (like Clipland Talk). All these areas are accessible through the navigation bar in the upper part of each page. Above the textured horizontal ruler are graphic for the described key features – the databases.

Under these graphics, in smaller letters are links to our general areas located. This lower navigation bar changes dependent on what main area of Clipland you are currently in. So while browsing around in the music video section, this navigation element will also highlight special points of interest in this area.

Search Box on the left
In the left upper corner of each page is the database search box. Just type in a search term and press the ‘Go!’ icon and you will get to the multiple match search results page. Chose the right entry and click on it. Then you will get to the details page.

Watch a Video Step-By-Step, Example: Music Video
At first you got to have an artist or song in mind you want to search for. Let’s take as an example ‘Michael Jackson’. Type this into the search field on our start/homepage:

You will find the search box with the search field in the upper left corner. You should already know how to use these from search engines like Yahoo. O.K. – now – type it in: ‘Michael Jackson’. And then press ‘Go’, the submit button.

After a few seconds you should get redirected to the next page
This is the ‘Multiple matches’ page. You should see a huge list of various Jackson songs on it. Some of them have the label ‘MEDIA’ beneath them. This indicates the availability of a viewable media source. Select one of these ‘MEDIA’ enabled songs and click on it.

Now you should get to the ‘Video Details’ page, with song, year and director information. In the upper part of this page is a grey-rimmed box with icons in it: Rate this video, View the video, Still images, Comments. Depending on the entry some of these icons may be not there, but the View the video button should. Click on it.

Now you are on the Select stream page. Select one and click. A new window will open and if the link is not broken the desired video should start.

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ):

ProductionQ: What is Clipland?

A: Clipland is a free database for music video related information, movie trailers and various other short media. With this approach Clipland is the most complete source available. Our music video database is the largest database for such information on the net.

Q: How can I actually see a video/trailer/etc.? Is there Streaming Media available?
A: Streaming media is not always available. Only a changing percentage of entries in our huge database has the option to view the video on the web. Anyway, if the media to a certain video is available you will see this on the ‘multiple matches’ search result page. And on every ‘video details’ page is a grey rimmed box in the upper section of the screen. If there’s a small icon with the text ‘view the video’ pressing on it will start the video. See also a detailed step-by-step instruction in our Navigation Help

Q: Why do I always get ‘no video available’?
A: Clipland was not invented as a link database for streaming video. We understand ourselves as a textual database with information like director, actors etc. Anyway, to provide a better service we added the watch the video option. Unfortunately only a small amount of all entries features a viewable video link. Please understand that.

Q: Clicking on a stream-link gives a ‘not found (404)’ error page, what’s that?
A: Although we frequently check our links and although we try to keep our database up to date something can go wrong and you may find a broken link. This is the result and we can’t immediately fix it. We have no different information than in our database so emailing us to get a working link is useless. But you may email us to report a broken link!

Q: There’s no hint that the streaming video is available. Can I see it elsewhere?
A: Well, not on Clipland. Really no link to a viewable video is a sure hint that we do not have this video available at the moment.

Q: Can I buy a video on VHS/DVD?
A: Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes not. In special cases we can help you with that. But most videos are not available and so you have to use traditional options. You may tape it from TV or have a look at or similar.

Q: My search resulted in ‘no match’. Does this mean there’s no information available?
A: Only sometimes. We encounter a large amount of wrong spelled searches or too detailed search-terms. Try a more blurry search instead. For example you don’t know if the band is called ‘Kinks’ or ‘The Kinks’. Just try with the search-term ‘kinks’ and the option ‘all fields’ turned on.

Q: When I view the still images, I experience some horizontal distortions. What is that?
A: These images are not saved in normal 72dpi resolution. These images are 150dpi and can be converted with all major graphics tools. You get a sharper image then.

Q: I’m a director/actor/musician/etc. Can I get into the database?
A: Yes, you can. Our database is designed as an open source where every user can add or modify information. This helps us to keep our database up to date. And this helps our users who experience more fun and efficiency using our service.

Q: Can you contact soemone for me? Do you know [insert name of celebrity]?
A: Although we are in close contact with the industry it is not part of our service to arrange a contact with a certain person. Please respect the privacy of stars and celebrities and don’t try to get in contact with them over Clipland. And please understand that we can’t help you with suche efforts. Please refer to the respective management agent or similar.

Q: Can you get me into a video/trailer/etc.?
A: Please understand that we are no casting agency. We do collect information about Music Videos/ Movie Trailers and more but we are not involved in production. All Production companies manage the casting themselves or with the help of a specialized company. Please contact them. You’ll find a helpful listing in our PRO section.

If your problem persists, don´t hesitate to contact our support

O’Baby O’Video!

O'Baby O'Video!Charlie ASH is very pleased to announce the video release of O’BABY
The Re-Hump, the adventure of wonderment…

A purpose built house, a cloud hover craft, giant polystyrene props ala Sally Tran and all the pep and ji-jouge of Charlie ASH have been combined, spun and rinsed to create Charlie ASH’s first music video ‘O’Baby.’

The vid is the product of much effort and determination from the production team and the visual adventure of ISH mastermind and O’Baby director Sally Tran, whose vision was to introduce the world to Charlie ASH by means of a tailor made house.

Each member has a room. Beginning with Rosie’s pink bedroom, where the walls are dripping in mirrors to spy her complexion and leading into Mailee’s lavish gold trimmed abode, complete with giant gold keytar. We then visit (drummer) Jean hanging out in her oversized letter box and finally finish with Dave (gat)- the only boy, in the garden- where he belongs!

Charlie ASH has also given hit O’Baby a shine up, with the help of Brenny’O, The Blue Room Studio’s and 50Hz. For some peculiar reason (we don’t understand why), it is now called:‘O’Baby- The Re- Hump’.

‘The Cash are in the throws of a mini tour to celebrate turning One and their spectacular video. They play…

22nd of Nov at Indigo FREE
23rd of Nov at Goodluck – O’Baby Screening Party – FREE
10th of Dec at Edens for Cheese On Toast 2nd Bday Party

You can catch the clip this Wednesday the 23rd of November on Nightline.

The C.ASH are playing Top Of The Pops on the 10th of Dec and Intellectual Property (c4) on the 13th at 10pm