Database Guidelines

Database GuidelinesHow to add…
Before you start adding additional data to Clipland be sure to know our guidelines.
This helps us and of course YOU, the users.

It is STRICTLY not allowed to use the pipe symbol (‘l’) in any of the data fields!
Use the search box on the left to make sure that your addition is not already in the database!
When your entry is in the database use the modify function to add additional data.
The database-language is ENGLISH!
Don´t use any quotation marks in data fields! But if you have to use this ‘_’ symbol. Don´t use ‘;’, ‘ ‘ ‘,'[‘, ‘]’,'{‘,’}’.
Don´t press ‘enter’ during the entry into a datafield or your info will be lost.
Things you don´t know just leave blank. But try to fill out as much as possible.
Do not sort names alphabetically. For example write ‘The Who’ and not ‘Who, The’.
When entering more names please divide them by a comma (‘,’) and leave one free space after the comma, like this ‘Spike Jonze, Peter Brown’. Please use the break tag (‘
‘) instead of the comma and without the space after it (e.g. ‘Terry Cole – Trumpet
Cayle Smith – Piano’)when stated in the detailed explanation below

Media Resource
Enter an url like
Artist or Album field:
every new word has to start with a CAPITAL letter!
‘vs.’, ‘feat.’; shorts like ‘`t’ in ‘Don´t’ or simmilar
always write ‘feat.’ instread of ‘featuring’
When you add NOT a clip but a whole VHS/… Video Compilation, then write ‘(Video)’ in the Album field.
When there´s no LP enter ‘(Single)’ in the Album field.
If the song is present on more than one album, enter each of them divided by ‘, ‘.

enter the song´s name here – every new word has to start with a CAPITAL letter!
enter additions like ‘(live)’ or ‘(remix)’ here as well.

This is the field for the video´s! production! year and if – you know it – the exact date
The format is ‘Year-MonthDay’; example: ‘1997-October21’
You may also add the date of the first airing. Do this in brackets after the production date
Then the format is: ‘Year-MonthDay (Year-MonthDay)’; example: ‘1997-October21 (1997-December12)’

Runtimes etc. have to be in format: ‘m:ss’ (m=minutes;s=seconds), for example: 0:08

Don´t write … & … when two directors worked on a video. Write both names delimited by a comma.
Co-Directors go here as well.

Right place when adding a soundtrack song: ‘Excerpts from the _movie_ are shown’ or when there´s something special about the format, like ‘Animated’ or ‘CGI’

Special VideoMix
special video mix means there´s a significant difference between the LP/Single version and the video version; examples are pauses, notable/ significant sounds/background sounds or dialogs. If there´s a Special VideoMix then fill in the author of this mix in the field ‘by’.

If the video is produced by a person, then just write down the name. If a company produced the video then do the same. But when a company produced it and there´s also a dedicated person of this company who produced it then write ‘company (person)’.

Set Location:
add locations in a kind of ‘zoom out’ effect. Example: ‘Sullivan Street 34, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA’. When multiple locations are shown in the video add them one after another and put the ‘
‘ tag between them, DO NOT press enter after them

Add In Format:
Character in video – reallife actor
Its important that you end each Cast entry with ‘
‘ and DO NOT press enter after it.
Please do only add persons who are really in the video, stars or actors that are show in excerpts from a motion-picture (e.g. in soundtrack songs) are NOT really in the video.

Add In Format:
For example: ‘Warner Brothers Records’
If the song is a collaboration of more than one label, enter each of them divided by ‘/ ‘.

Add In Format:
For example: ‘Barclya (FR), Metronome Musik(DE), Hasta Ditribution(US)’. The Country Identifier are the few letters you know from URLs like ‘.de’, ‘.us’,’.uk’ etc.

Add In Format:
Artist – Instrument
Its important that you end each Musician´s entry with ‘
‘ and DO NOT press enter after it

Original Performer:
Add In Format:
OriginalPerformer(only add this if the song-title is different:song-title)
the example is taken from Bellissima´s ‘Return To Paradise’, the cover is named different so add
For examle: Vangelis(Conquest Of Paradise)

Song Awards and Award Nomination
this includes of course the awards for the video (this is a video database, isn´t it)
Add In Format:
Year Award(Category, Category)
Year Award(Category)
For example: ‘1998 MTV Video Music Awards(Best Video from a Film, Best Choreography)
1998 MVPA Awards(Feature Film Video of the Year)’

– While doing selections in those ‘multiple choice’ pull-down fields pressing the first letter of the desired word on your keyboard will keep you from using the mouse.
– When you don´t know how to fill out a certain field open a new browser window and view some other database entries. By doing this you will soon understand the format of this database.

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