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Navigation BarClipland is organized in specific databases (like the music video database) and in general areas (like Clipland Talk). All these areas are accessible through the navigation bar in the upper part of each page. Above the textured horizontal ruler are graphic for the described key features – the databases.

Under these graphics, in smaller letters are links to our general areas located. This lower navigation bar changes dependent on what main area of Clipland you are currently in. So while browsing around in the music video section, this navigation element will also highlight special points of interest in this area.

Search Box on the left
In the left upper corner of each page is the database search box. Just type in a search term and press the ‘Go!’ icon and you will get to the multiple match search results page. Chose the right entry and click on it. Then you will get to the details page.

Watch a Video Step-By-Step, Example: Music Video
At first you got to have an artist or song in mind you want to search for. Let’s take as an example ‘Michael Jackson’. Type this into the search field on our start/homepage:

You will find the search box with the search field in the upper left corner. You should already know how to use these from search engines like Yahoo. O.K. – now – type it in: ‘Michael Jackson’. And then press ‘Go’, the submit button.

After a few seconds you should get redirected to the next page
This is the ‘Multiple matches’ page. You should see a huge list of various Jackson songs on it. Some of them have the label ‘MEDIA’ beneath them. This indicates the availability of a viewable media source. Select one of these ‘MEDIA’ enabled songs and click on it.

Now you should get to the ‘Video Details’ page, with song, year and director information. In the upper part of this page is a grey-rimmed box with icons in it: Rate this video, View the video, Still images, Comments. Depending on the entry some of these icons may be not there, but the View the video button should. Click on it.

Now you are on the Select stream page. Select one and click. A new window will open and if the link is not broken the desired video should start.

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