O’Baby O’Video!

O'Baby O'Video!Charlie ASH is very pleased to announce the video release of O’BABY
The Re-Hump, the adventure of wonderment…

A purpose built house, a cloud hover craft, giant polystyrene props ala Sally Tran and all the pep and ji-jouge of Charlie ASH have been combined, spun and rinsed to create Charlie ASH’s first music video ‘O’Baby.’

The vid is the product of much effort and determination from the production team and the visual adventure of ISH mastermind and O’Baby director Sally Tran, whose vision was to introduce the world to Charlie ASH by means of a tailor made house.

Each member has a room. Beginning with Rosie’s pink bedroom, where the walls are dripping in mirrors to spy her complexion and leading into Mailee’s lavish gold trimmed abode, complete with giant gold keytar. We then visit (drummer) Jean hanging out in her oversized letter box and finally finish with Dave (gat)- the only boy, in the garden- where he belongs!

Charlie ASH has also given b.net hit O’Baby a shine up, with the help of Brenny’O, The Blue Room Studio’s and 50Hz. For some peculiar reason (we don’t understand why), it is now called:‘O’Baby- The Re- Hump’.

‘The Cash are in the throws of a mini tour to celebrate turning One and their spectacular video. They play…

22nd of Nov at Indigo FREE
23rd of Nov at Goodluck – O’Baby Screening Party – FREE
10th of Dec at Edens for Cheese On Toast 2nd Bday Party

You can catch the clip this Wednesday the 23rd of November on Nightline.

The C.ASH are playing Top Of The Pops on the 10th of Dec and Intellectual Property (c4) on the 13th at 10pm

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