Our frequently asked questions (FAQ):

ProductionQ: What is Clipland?

A: Clipland is a free database for music video related information, movie trailers and various other short media. With this approach Clipland is the most complete source available. Our music video database is the largest database for such information on the net.

Q: How can I actually see a video/trailer/etc.? Is there Streaming Media available?
A: Streaming media is not always available. Only a changing percentage of entries in our huge database has the option to view the video on the web. Anyway, if the media to a certain video is available you will see this on the ‘multiple matches’ search result page. And on every ‘video details’ page is a grey rimmed box in the upper section of the screen. If there’s a small icon with the text ‘view the video’ pressing on it will start the video. See also a detailed step-by-step instruction in our Navigation Help

Q: Why do I always get ‘no video available’?
A: Clipland was not invented as a link database for streaming video. We understand ourselves as a textual database with information like director, actors etc. Anyway, to provide a better service we added the watch the video option. Unfortunately only a small amount of all entries features a viewable video link. Please understand that.

Q: Clicking on a stream-link gives a ‘not found (404)’ error page, what’s that?
A: Although we frequently check our links and although we try to keep our database up to date something can go wrong and you may find a broken link. This is the result and we can’t immediately fix it. We have no different information than in our database so emailing us to get a working link is useless. But you may email us to report a broken link!

Q: There’s no hint that the streaming video is available. Can I see it elsewhere?
A: Well, not on Clipland. Really no link to a viewable video is a sure hint that we do not have this video available at the moment.

Q: Can I buy a video on VHS/DVD?
A: Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes not. In special cases we can help you with that. But most videos are not available and so you have to use traditional options. You may tape it from TV or have a look at amazon.com or similar.

Q: My search resulted in ‘no match’. Does this mean there’s no information available?
A: Only sometimes. We encounter a large amount of wrong spelled searches or too detailed search-terms. Try a more blurry search instead. For example you don’t know if the band is called ‘Kinks’ or ‘The Kinks’. Just try with the search-term ‘kinks’ and the option ‘all fields’ turned on.

Q: When I view the still images, I experience some horizontal distortions. What is that?
A: These images are not saved in normal 72dpi resolution. These images are 150dpi and can be converted with all major graphics tools. You get a sharper image then.

Q: I’m a director/actor/musician/etc. Can I get into the database?
A: Yes, you can. Our database is designed as an open source where every user can add or modify information. This helps us to keep our database up to date. And this helps our users who experience more fun and efficiency using our service.

Q: Can you contact soemone for me? Do you know [insert name of celebrity]?
A: Although we are in close contact with the industry it is not part of our service to arrange a contact with a certain person. Please respect the privacy of stars and celebrities and don’t try to get in contact with them over Clipland. And please understand that we can’t help you with suche efforts. Please refer to the respective management agent or similar.

Q: Can you get me into a video/trailer/etc.?
A: Please understand that we are no casting agency. We do collect information about Music Videos/ Movie Trailers and more but we are not involved in production. All Production companies manage the casting themselves or with the help of a specialized company. Please contact them. You’ll find a helpful listing in our PRO section.

If your problem persists, donĀ“t hesitate to contact our support

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